Why use only Discord for Membership?

Or why does FFXIV Capitalist want you to sign in via Discord?
by K'Phel Madd on 2023-08-04 16:51:04

imgUsing Discord for authentication and membership offers several advantages for the FFXIV Capitalist community. Here are some reasons why Discord works for us:

User Familiarity
Discord is widely used by gamers, developers, and various communities. Many users already have Discord accounts, making the authentication process familiar and straightforward. This reduces friction during the sign-up process, potentially increasing user adoption and retention.
Discord provides a robust authentication system with multiple layers of security, including available two-factor authentication (2FA). By leveraging Discord's authentication, we can ensure that only legitimate users gain access to our application and community.
Additionally, we don't have to store IDs and PWs, encrypted or otherwise.
We do not need to manage or provide abilities to reset passwords and this avoid the inherit risks associated with those types of features.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Integrating Discord for authentication means users don't need to create new accounts or remember additional login credentials. They can seamlessly access our platform using their existing Discord credentials.
Discord offers a well-documented API that simplifies the integration process for developers. We can leverage OAuth2 and Discord API endpoints to handle authentication and access user data easily.
Community Building
Discord is designed for creating and managing communities. By integrating Discord for membership, we can leverage its features like channels, roles, and permissions to organize and engage our community effectively.
FFXIV Capitalist has integration with Discord through both a Community Site and also a fully registered Bot (Nautilaus K Navigator).
Real-Time Interaction
Discord provides real-time communication through voice, video, and text chat. Utilizing Discord for membership can enhance engagement and foster better communication among members.
We don't need to rebuild chat and other features that are already well done in Discord and the FFXIV Capitalist web site can focus on doing more data intensive and research oriented contents and services.
Bot Integration
Discord allows the creation of custom bots that can automate various tasks within our community. We can build bots to welcome new members, moderate conversations, and perform other community management tasks. And our bot, Nautilus K Navigator can access the data from FFXIV Capitalist web site and relate your data to you as appropriate.
Discord is built to handle large communities and high user concurrency. Regardless of the size of our community, Discord can accommodate it with minimal performance issues.
Community Management Tools
Discord offers various moderation and community management tools, such as banning, muting, and reporting features. These tools can help us maintain a healthy and respectful environment for our members.
Cross-Platform Support
Discord is available on multiple platforms, including desktop, web, and mobile. This allows users to access our community from any device of their choice.

FFXIV provides information on a good number of topics, freely and openly. However, the real power of FFXIV Capitalist is when the members use its more user centric capabilities. For example, keeping track of your submersibles requires us to store YOUR information which means linking that information to YOU. As we continue to implement additional features such as budget planning, target crafting, and other topics that will benefit from personal selections, it only makes sense to have a strong membership and authentication tool.

We appreciate you investigating why we use Discord and hopefully agree to ultimately sign-in with Discord and take real advantage of the services FFXIV Capitalist has to offer.